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The Liberal's attack on Whitlam & Gillard: An attack on progress

The Liberal's attack on Whitlam & Gillard: An attack on progress

The Liberal’s attack on Whitlam and Gillard 38 years apart: An attack on progressive ideas & a return to mediocrity

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Despite the IPA’s urgency for “Abbott to be more like Whitlam”
because Whitlam ‘changed Australia, more than any other Prime Minister
ever has,’ the IPA’s agenda for Abbott is very different.

In the 1970’s Gough Whitlam was seen as the first progressive Prime
Minister, who stood for the people. He stood for workers, battlers,
migrants, everyone. He wanted to shift Australia to a more inclusive and
progressive society.

Gough shifted Australia from a stagnant, mediocre nation, to a nation of ideas, progress and voices.

For so many years, the voices of the worker, the battlers and
migrants had been silenced, by the collective group of individuals who
could manage just fine on their own; whether that be through the
privilege of money, position in society, family heritage or education,
is neither here nor there. The crux of the what Gough Whitlam did, was
to bring more people into this exclusive collective by opening up
opportunities, thought a hand up, a fair go for all. Gough’s vision was
to propel the nation forward, through ensuring that individual
Australians could achieve enormous success; even if they were in a
previously ‘excluded group’ under the Liberals. He wanted every single
Australian, to be the best that they could be.

Gough Whitlam propelled this country forward, and these changes became the status-quo we all accepted and still do:

  • Access for all to Higher Education
  • Needs based funding for schools
  • The beginning of what we know today as Medicare – Medibank
  • National funding of hospitals and community health centres
  • The creation of the single mother’s pension (now parenting payment-single)
  • The handicapped children’s allowance (now known as carer’s payment).
  • Funding community grassroots social welfare organisations and
    volunteer organisations (now collectively known as ‘the community
    sector’) who served a need to assist individuals in their communities.
  • Enacted the Social Housing Act for States, which has housed so many Australians from low income/disadvantaged households
  • Outlawed discrimination against Indigenous people
  • Handed back land to Indigenous people
  • Funded legal services for Indigenous people
  • Enacted Human Rights protection through International Acts
  • Funded urban transport projects
  • and connected homes to sewerage – the beginning of the end of the thunderbox

It is well known that Gough Whitlam’s legacy is very vast, therefore, I have only chosen a few for example. To read more go to: The Whitlam Government’s achievements

In the 1970’s, the Liberals, not happy at all with such
changes to our society, sought a means to attack this progress and
‘return Australia to its Status Quo – to the mediocre way Australians
had lived before under the Liberals.” Through political mechanisms
within our system, the LNP stamped their feet and got their own way.

The reason why I have highlighted the above is to me, the correlation
between the attack on Julia Gillard and Gough Whitlam. Why do I see
this as a correlation between the two? Because both have the underlying
construct of:

Shifting the status-quo to exclusion of groups, the
notion that only ‘those who try succeed’, that everyone is equal, and
the disadvantaged and unemployed are the burden of society’

In ways that Gough Whitlam shaped Australia, Julia Gillard was also
attempting to do so. Policy highlights such as Gonski reforms (needs
based funding for education), NDIS (Peace of mind for every Australian,
for anyone who has, or might acquire, a disability), A price on Carbon
(a leader ahead of many other western countries, now adopting a price on
carbon), the Royal Commission into Child Abuse, an attack on Work
Choices and the introduction of Fair Work Australia and Modern Awards,
the National Broadband Network (which would give fast internet
nationwide, including regional & rural), Plain packaging for
cigarettes (a leader ahead of other nations wanting to adopt the same)
and an apology to all persons affected by forced adoption practices, to
name a few.

In fact, the IPA, the right wing think tank of Australia, found Prime
Minister Gillard’s progress for Australians, so threatening to the
Liberal way of life, they have issued a list to Abbott in 2011, to which he has agreed to implement.

The threat to the Liberal’s right-wing side of politics, that these
progressive changes of the Gillard Government would become norm and
adopted as the status quo amongst Australians, was a serious concern and
action needed to be taken.

Indeed action was taken. The Liberals did not hold the balance of
power in the senate, as they did in 1975, so they needed to adopt ways
and means of bringing down a progressive and effective Government. They
needed to ensure that the Liberals gained power. To do this, they needed
to taint the left as corrupt, a shambles and not to be trusted.

The onslaught on Julia Gillard during her Prime Ministership was relentless, astounding, hateful and most of all untruthful.

The right, did not care if Prime Minister Gillard was not a criminal.
The fact of the matter is, they had to paint her as a criminal to bring
her down. Once the trust of the electorates where broken, through this
tactic, they were home and hosed.

The idea behind the IPA’s list of ideas to Abbott is so that reforms
could be torn down, as quickly as possible and that a push to the right
through Liberal policy can shift the status quo to the hard right. The
reasoning behind this, is once this becomes status quo, it will be
extremely hard for any left Government in power to shift policy back to
the progressive left.

This is summarized in this quote below from John Roskam, James Paterson and Chris Berg of the IPA:

Only radical change that shifts the entire political
spectrum, like Gough Whitlam did, has any chance of effecting lasting
change. Of course, you don’t have to be from the left of politics to
leave lasting change on the political spectrum.

Essentially, the IPA has requested Abbott push the country as far
right as possible, so it then becomes adopted by the public as the
status quo and becomes normal over time. This is the impetus behind the
relentless attacks on the Prime Minister Gillard and her Government.

Now we have a situation where the former Prime Minister,
Julia Gillard has been cleared of all criminal activity. The question
is, how did this play in the minds of voters at the election in 2013?
How did this sway the votes to the ‘trusted right?’ The question we need
to ask ourselves now and in the future, is now we understand the true
agenda of the Liberal party, do we vote again in 2016/17 for a
progressive Australia, or the Liberals return to mediocrity?

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