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Christmas Gift Ideas By Senator Leyonhjelm | The Sauce

Christmas Gift Ideas By Senator Leyonhjelm | The Sauce

Christmas Gift Ideas By Senator Leyonhjelm



In the wake of the shocking Sydney Lindt Hostage situation our brave
libertarian Senator Leyonhjelm struck straight to the heart of the real
cause of the events and hinted at a foolproof solution. He pointed out
that we are a ‘nation of victims’ and need to have access to guns to
solve our problems, because it has worked so well in the USA.

His nuanced dissection of the events is a breath of fresh air. This
was definitely not an issue of a man with a violent criminal history,
nor his lack of treatment for mental health issues, nor about issues
surrounding bail in our justice system, nor about racial and religious
tensions in Australia. Nope, this was all about not being able to shoot
people you have a problem with.

We should be thanking Senator Leyonhjelm and his fellow libertarians
with gifts, which is appropriate timing leading into the Festive Season
and our desperate need to stimulate the free market. So make Joe Hockey
proud and buy some libertarian gifts.


Gift Idea 1: Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, with foreword written by Rand whilst on welfare.

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is a must have for all libertarians. The
all-new edition has a foreword written by Rand in the 1970s explaining
her principles and complaints about how small her welfare checks were.


Gift Idea 2: Smokers lungs desk ornament, with bonus lungs of their children who rode in the car with them while they smoked.

This is a great gift for libertarians as it acts as a conversation piece to allow them to discuss how over-taxed smokers are.


Gift Idea 3: Bushmaster AR15 semi-automatic rifle chambered in .223-caliber.

The Bushmaster is the freedom weapon of choice and a must have for
defending your rights. Comes as a box set of the rifle, one thousand
rounds of ammunition, and paper targets of school children.


Gift Idea 4: Environmental Goggles that immediately darken and block the sight of disasters.

You can’t have the environment get in the way of the economy, so
these goggles help libertarians conveniently fail to see the degradation
and destruction of climate change, pollution, and the future.

Tyson Adams is a writer who's previous works include the one you just read.

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